Chairman Report About Us

Dear Friends and Supporters

Welcome to the part I as chair impart to the many supporters and volunteers our vision for the future in serving and providing resettlement, training and education to former offenders. Resettlement has become our main focus as many former offenders are not through our research, are provided with suitable accommodation after leaving prison. Indeed many are housed inadequately and often in short-term accommodation - how then can training and education play a part in the lives of individuals whose life begins after prison in an unsettled phase? Resettlement must be the operative factor with training and education following in tandem. For these reasons our resettlement project will continue in a supportive role for former offenders and extend and include a telephone advisory service. The organisation will also extend its operations not simply from housing in the public sector but to include housing from the private sector but only to those registered with various local authorities. 

The education in the Community Project is now in its 9th Year. We have  added a training venue in Handsworth for former offenders and bespoke training programmes for criminal justice professionals; we will also extend the education and training programmes in a number of community libraries. Moodle has been added for elearning access and is free of charge to all our registered client group(s). We however have added a small charge for private working individuals as a means of raising revenue for the benefit of the organisation. In addition, process has began in finding new office premises as working from a training venue does not meet with full client confidentiality and the meeting of strict academic examination conditions and as such, we have began fundraising for new office premises - a return to our former premises at the Big Peg in Hockley, Birmingham is in advance stage discussions.   

Finally, running a Charity is not an easy task and I only have to look and at the same time acknowledge the countless hours spent by many of our unpaid volunteers in fundraising and participation in many of the projects undertaken by the organisation. As such, without volunteers, the organisation as well as many others will find it a struggle in meeting numerous objects set out in their perspective aims and objectives statements. We give thanks always to our many volunteers for their dedication and commitments and while a thank you is always at top of my salutations, volunteers are the central lifeblood of the charity. It is for this reason that training our volunteers remains a ''must do''on our yearly training agenda. 

Best wishes and Regards

B A Richards LLB(Hons) M.A.,