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┬áChair’s Report June 2020 Update

Running a trust requires hard work and dedication and over the last three to four years many members have left the trust owing to ongoing career, work and business commitment. On 27 February 2020 four prospective trustees met from a variety of backgrounds and it was decided that the work that been undertake by the trust for many years should continue. At that meeting I also decided to inform the future trustees that I will give help far and beyond what is required in re-establishing the trust with its existing core values (helping those that are hard to reach and disadvantaged access education and training) etc. 

I must also mention in brief the Coronavirus CV-19 Pandemic. Its importance cannot be more stressed and all our operations in the community were suspended from since March 2020. We have however managed to run an on-line and telephone reduced service and hope from government sources to re-open at the End of July 2020 of which will not be the case.Please note social distancing may still be in place and changes may be necessary in imparting our services. 

New programmes have been planned and we shall continue to undertake the 'Education in the Community' initiative which has been a success for many years allowing for flexibility in education and training. Many of clients have indeed access full time employment along with further training that included those we consider hard to reach. This may include, carers, those after long periods of childcare returning to education and training and our special set of programmes for former offenders e.g. Mentorship and related help in seeking resettlement/accommodation etc. This also includes expanding into generalist advice and sign-posting where necessary in Welfare, Employment and Immigration. I believe as well as my new trustees that we should also expend our education and training programmes to include 'Life in the UK' as many of our community clients are experiencing difficulties in both paying and attending life in the UK test owing to e.g. childcare responsibilities. 

Most of our programmes will continue to be delivered at local community libraries to keep cost down as we have undertaken for many years. However, we are in need of our own premises with numerous learning facilities and hope to raise such by fund raising. Such funding will not only enable us to undertake more focused and tailored help in a confidential setting but also help us to return to where we first started at the Big Peg Building in Jewellery Quarters, Birmingham. We therefore need your support. 

Finally as always, I would like to thank the number of volunteer teachers and professionals who have given their pledges and time to make this a reality. To date and with the ongoing CV19 Pandemic, all programmes remain suspended until further notice. As always I hope everyone attending our future programmes will leave with a 'life changing experience'.

B A Richards LLB(Hons) M.A.,

Peoples Bureau of Education and Training Ltd

Owing to the CV19 Pandemic the organisation remains close until further notice.