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┬áChair’s Report May 2021

18 May 2021 Update to Follow – Government changes

It has without more been a tumultuous time for all types of businesses and charities following the CV19 Pandemic. The impact was such that many small charities have either closed or reduced cost substantially merely for survival. Indeed  I, along with the existing trustees had to suspend many of our programmes from the education in the community project following government guidelines and advice. In the meantime the only advice that we have still operative is via our on-line and telephone reduced services. 

The good news is that government restrictions and lockdown will begin to ease during April - May 2021 with albeit incremental lifting of CV19 pandemic restrictions. 

On full lifting of restrictions, New programmes will be in place and we shall continue to undertake the 'Education in the Community' initiative which has been a success for many years allowing access to flexible education and training opportunities. In addition, we shall  also be expanding our advice unit into both generalist and specialist advice and assistance on matters of Career, Welfare, Employment and Immigration (application made to OSIC).

We are hopeful that we may resume the education in the community programme delivery from a number of community libraries to keep cost down as we have undertaken for many years. However, we are in need of our own learning and training premises and will continue in seeking funding for such a cause. Such funding will not only enable us to undertake more focused and tailored help in a confidential setting but also help us to return to where we first started at the Big Peg Building in Jewellery Quarters, Birmingham many years previous. We therefore need funding and encouraging support from many of our supporters. 

Finally as always, I leave with a thank you to our volunteer, volunteer teachers and professionals who have given their pledges and time to make this charity a reality. As always I hope everyone attending our future programmes will leave with a 'life changing experience'.

B A Richards LLB(Hons) M.A.,

Peoples Bureau of Education and Training Ltd