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Education in the Community 4Square PLUGIN Programmes Starting: May 2019 In Association with *Central Birmingham College (CBC)

Understanding GDPR for Community Healthcare Staff

The introduction of the GDPR (general data protection EU regulation) under the guise of the Data Protection Act 2018 enforces numerous compliance’s which affect the doctor patient relationship.  Nonetheless, while doctors operate as data controllers, it is often the staff that undertakes the daily processing of personal data. Training audit is therefore an essential element of all healthcare stakeholders and with this in mind, CBC has devised a holistic and reflective GDPR training programme which addresses the GDPR with particular reference to the work undertaken by healthcare practices, healthcare providers and practitioners.

The programme is Learner centred and addresses:

Overview of DPA, GDPR and Privacy regulations

  • Lawful basis for processing
  • Understanding of Data Subject rights and obligations e.g. subject access requests etc
  • Roles of Data Controllers and Processors (DPOs) (Accountability & Governance)
  • What organisations need to do to ensure compliance e.g. Design, DPIA (Security) etc
  • Breaches

This course is aimed at healthcare staff and providers that deal with personal and sensitive data on an everyday basis.

Programme: PDF: PDF Poster Data Protection Training Programme: Word: Understanding GDPR for Community Healthcare Staff & Providers

Date: 21 June 2019  Venue: West Bromwich Town Hall, West Bromwich B70  Time: 10am – 15.00pm  –  Bookings: Please contact Ms. Tabitha Merchant on 0121 792 5608/ 07971923973 – or email: ( Cost: FREE (15 places available)

*CBC(Central Birmingham College – Accredited Edexcel Workbased Organisation)