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Life in the UK AI/ B1 ESOL Programmes Starting 19 March 2020 at Central Libray, West Bromwich B70 8DZ 

Cancelled until Further Notice

Central Library, West Bromwich, Birmingham B70 8DZ

Address: High Street, West Bromwich,B70 8DZ

Monday: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Course Duration – 12 weeks

IELTS – 12 weeks Course


Introduction to Course Aims and Objectives

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) aims to provide comprehensive training for international students in the special features of general and academic English, and to develop their ability to express themselves in English to the level expected by various professions and their future and universities and colleges. There are four modules in the course, designed to address the four basic communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All the four modules focus on developing an overall linguistic proficiency in English which students need in order to be able to:

  • read and understand professional and academic texts
  • listen to and understand general speeches, lectures and academic debates
  • speak and write so that they can express what they mean, as well as express their      opinion about what others mean
  • develop accuracy in grammar and pronunciation to an internationally intelligible level
  • use familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary to speak and write about new things
  • write continuous prose coherently, accurately and cohesively on a variety of topics, using appropriate styles
  • develop reading strategies for different types of professional and educational materials
  • cultivate the speaking strategies necessary for successful professional interaction and class participation
  • communicate effectively in small, multi-cultural groups
  • be familiar with and accurately use a wide variety of registers appropriate to different communication contexts
  • become independent learners
  • question, evaluate, problem-solve and analyse
  • demonstrate basic word-processing skills
  • integrate into the wider English speaking community

Listening Module: The listening module exposes students to both the linguistic aspects of lexis, grammar, phonology and discourse and the non-linguistic aspects of the context or situation, the topic and the purpose of oral communication. It trains students to be aware of the meaning carried by stress and intonation, as well as the underlying attitudes and opinions of speakers.

Speaking Module: IELTS speaking module develops students’ speaking skills in the four broad areas of fluency and coherence; lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy and pronunciation.

Reading Module: The IELTS reading module develop students’ ability to identify main ideas, supporting ideas, writer’s opinions and specific information from standard texts covering various subjects and topics.

Writing Module: This module seeks to train students to be able to write different kinds of continuous prose coherently, cohesively and accurately, using relevant formal, informal and discursive styles. Students are also trained to present solutions to problems, present and justify opinions, or evaluate and challenge ideas, evidence or arguments in a wide range and appropriate vocabulary.

Course: 12 weeks Duration                                                                                                      Cost: £95.00

Certificate in ESOL

What is ESOL?

ESOL stands for English to Speakers of Other Languages. The course is aimed at people who have come to live in this country which has different customs and ways of doing everyday things.  These people need to survive the every day issues of living.

Course objectives

The people who speak other languages need to speak English to get on in this country. Therefore, the ESOL programme intends to develop their communication skills in English, both in spoken discourse, and, importantly, in written discourse so as to live easily and work or study productively in the UK.

What does ESOL involve?

The students can take ESOL on a full-time basis (typically four to five weeks), or part-time (from a few months to over a year).  The course will build the students’ confidence in different language skills which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The course is divided into three different levels (Entry, Level 1 and Level 2) consisted each of four components: listening, speaking reading and writing.

Accreditation, Assessment and Internal verification

Our ESOL programme is accredited by the Edexcel Awarding Body. It operates within the national standards set by the DFES.

At each level of the programme, the learners are given day-to-day in-tasks and home-work. The learners also complete a practice test set by the awarding body.  Finally they take a formal test set by Edexcel. The test is assessed and verified internally and then externally moderated by an Edexcel appointed verifier.


A successful completion of the Entry Level will enable the learners to progress on the Level 1 of the course. Those students who successfully achieve 1 Certificate in ESOL can progress onto the level 2. Finally those who successfully complete the level 2 will awarded a Level 2 Certificate in ESOL. With their certificate they can embark on different career options or go into employment.

Course: 12 weeks Duration                                                                                                      Cost: £95.00/ Concessions for the Unemployed

ITC For Senior Citizens (New Programme for the 60 plus)

Full details available shortly

Disabled Access: Please note that some libraries do not have access from the from of the building and those attending that are disabled are require to access the library from the back entrance (full details available)

Course: 12 weeks Duration                                                                                                      Cost: Free

Coming soon: GDPR Training; Immigration Form Filling; Diversity and Inclusion – Metrics for Accountability & Transparency.

*CBC(Central Birmingham College – Accredited Edexcel Workbased Organisation)