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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is now embedded in our everyday work environment and become part of the landscape of our growing social structures and institutions. EDI is also thought provoking and evolutionary according to the ‘EDI sixth parallel construct, which sees EDI as a living ‘everyday’ social organism migrating to each part of the social structure. As such and with each part of the construct in mind, PBET has developed a  weekly EDI discussion programme aimed at those new to the EDI taking place over a seven week period. Each week a new topic will be presented and opened to discussion for those attending. Programme starts: 12 February 2021 (9.00am – 10.00am and finishes 26 March 2021. Full programme content on weekly topic of interests available on our website – join any programme, anytime.

Programme presenter: Bertram A Richards, Chair & (EDI Practitioner) in association with Central Birmingham College.

Unlike most seminar based programmes – the Introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is exclusively discussion based in this we encourage full programme participation from all invitees, especially those new to EDI. So what is the programme all about? It’s about what equity, diversity and inclusion means from basic understanding, to stakeholder, policies and management involvement, initiatives, measurements and metrics, technology, what works, piloting, outcomes/ goals and reviews. Hence, each week we build upon and develop a framework of understandings on what EDI is and about, with case studies, lived experiences, theories etc. In short, at the end of the programme participants will have an understanding of  EDI from a functional perspective and what EDI means in and around today’s modern workplace environment.

Programme: Start Date: 12 February 2021 – 26 March 2021. Time: 9.00am – 10.00am – ZOOM: (Link will appear here 2 days before programme commencement)

Title: A ‘Sixth Parallel Construct’ Discussion on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


12 February 2021: Introduction to EDI – What is the functions of EDI in and around the Modern Day workplace environment?

19 February 2021: Stakeholder, Policies, Frameworks, EDI Management

26 February 2021: EDI Initiatives, Training and Development – Up-skilling – the importance of a trained workforce.

5 March 2021: EDI Research, Measurements and Metrics – measurements mean getting things done. What of benchmarking and best practices?

12 March 2021: Technology in EDI – Artificial intelligence is here with Algorithm to fit every purpose including recruitment selection.

19 March 2021: What works in EDI – does anything work in changing behaviour towards differences and making the work environment more inclusive?

26 March 2021: Piloting, Outcomes & Reviews – short-term long term impact assessments? Non piloting of initiatives and reviews.

Start Date: 12 February – 26 March 2021                      Time: 09.00am – 10.00am

Free Admission. (Invitees Only – Simply complete the Admission / Event Booking Form/ details and link will be sent to participant panelist). 

Programme ran in association with Central Birmingham College

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