Pbet Resettlement Project

Resettlement Project (New Spring 2017)

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Successive governments, academics and grassroot organization have for decades focused upon Education and Training as a means of rehabilitating offenders.  Two schools of thought however arise from the rehabilitation of offenders debate. One suggests that through time offenders cease to offend and the other suggests that numerous programmes aid in the reduction to offending (recidivism). We believe and that is through research evidence that the revolving door to crime has a third and even a forth element – one of which is resettlement the other of which is support.

Sifting through the catalogue of research, the numerous theories on reducing recidivism (RNR, GLM) and the positions of the skeptics, conclusion can be drawn that in many cases, the resettlement and support of offenders rank way down the must do list. In fact if you were to ask many former offenders what sits at the top of their respective shopping list – a home and support would trump sitting in a class room and to attempt catching up on what was missed during the early school years.

Resettlement is a priority, resettlement and support completes the Holistic approach to reducing recidivism; and resettlement must form part of the equation and one which the policy makers must address if society is going to tackle the revolving doors of re-offending. Once an offender is resettled, thereafter comes training and education; a simple exercise in recognition that resettlement is key to reducing recidivism forms the central part of our project.