Policies, Privacy

Rules of Data Protection and Confidentiality is practised at all times by the organisation and major partners. We will not disclose any information to a third party, including partners, without the express written consent of the client after fully briefing such client on the implications. Moreover, Research or data collection in furtherance to and of social policy will be omitted in all instances where reference can be had to an identifiable individual. 

Payment of any fees will not be returned once the student has started the course or where the student withdraws 7 days before course start date (students wishing to undertake a programme of study are fully informed). Where the student has not started the course, the organisation reserves the rights to charge an administration fee of £35.00. Payments are usually made with 14 days of request.

All teachers, lecturers and related officials to the organisation, including partners must have undergone a full CRB check where working with vulnerable adults or children – such policies in full are available on request as well  as health and safety etc.

In all instances, the organisation and partners shall observe the law as it applies to England & Wales.